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While many companies claim to submit your website to thousands of search engines, it is not necessary as the majority of people using search engines visit only 10-15 search engines considered to be the major players. Seedegy will submit your website to these major search engines, ensuring our efforts are concentrated where the most impact will be made. And because the thousands of smaller search engines don't have the same drawing power or audience as the major ones, they crawl the web looking for websites to add to their databases, indicating the strong probability that your site will be added as well.

Our professional search engine submission service includes the following:

  • We will submit your most important web pages to the major search engines, along with the following information:
    • Your company contact information if desired.
    • Your web site type - Personal, Commercial or Non-Profit.
    • A title, keyword(s) and description for each web page.

  • We will perform automated submissions wherever possible. We will hand submit your web pages to those sites that do not accept automated submissions.

  • We will select an appropriate category for your site depending upon your web site type.

  • Depending on how many web pages you would like to submit, the complete search engine submission process may take several days, as we adhere to daily limits imposed by various search engines.

  • You will receive a detailed report of your web page submissions.

  • We do not accept Adult, Gambling, or MLM sites, or any other sites we deem inappropriate.

  • Although most web sites are accepted by the search engines, there is no guarantee that your site will be included or how long it will take to include your site if accepted. Even if your web site is included in a search engine's database, it doesn't mean you'll be found for your desired search terms. We'll be able to advise you on the likelihood of your site being included, and what you may need to do to increase your chances for successfully getting your site listed with search engines. Visit a quick guide to search engine submission for more information.

    To do this task yourself by hand could take you over an hour to perform, so getting us to perform the submissions will save you a lot of time and effort.

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